Adam Ward is a painter residing in Brooklyn, New York. He received his Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute. During his education, he explored classical painting and fine arts techniques, which sparked his interest in oil painting nearly two decades ago. 

Growing up in central, western New Jersey, Adam was surrounded by beautiful and serene landscapes. While developing his skills in oil painting, his primary subject matter was landscapes, with an emphasis on plein air painting. 

In 2013 Adam began to shift his subject by thinking about his passions on a deeper level and how to incorporate them into his art, and he took on a new subject matter— high-end women’s shoes. He has always been intrigued by their luxury and glamour. Adam’s passion for footwear began in 1992 starting with the Air Jordan VII. 

Artist Statement

For some, high heels are a polarizing and fascinating article of fashion. Known the world over as a staple in many wardrobes, they instill confidence and project power and authority. Heels also add a very polished look to one’s ensemble. I seek to capture the simplicity and beauty of this dazzling accessory.

I am also inspired by the boutiques and their interior architecture on Madison and 5th Avenues in New York City. A common narrative in my most recent series is repetition and reflections, with an emphasis on light: Shoes are captured in interior settings to enhance the composition, which emphasizes space and materials. Reflections are painted throughout the series to bring attention to the beauty of the shoe design and to provide a dreamy, surreal feeling to the image. 

Like one’s personality, my paintings are created using many layers, providing striking color and depth on the surface. I use time-honored techniques, resulting in fine, museum-quality original works of art. 

Using Format